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   Project Dogwaffle: 2019

Clever & Fast Digital Painting, 3D rendering & Animation

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  2019.0030 New!

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(10/28/2018) - This marks the beginning of a new era.

HOT! Read the announcement in the Newsletter #151 - Early Adopters release: alpha 0006

The prior major release was v11, around 2 years ago (early 2017) - ending with several free updates, 11.2, 11.3, 11.4, and even a second edition of 11.4 (RC157) just recently in Fall of 2018. Should have called it 11.5 or 11.4b, but we were in a rush.... Life is short, there's time for only a few things, barely.

On to the new year! This is 2019. Well almost. But yay!, we're releasing a new major build, and there will be subsequent updates, surprises, awesomenesses (if that's a word). If you never got v11, it's a great time to jump in. If you had v10 or earlier, please consider upgrading. Check for occasional promotions at super savings.

But please do yourself a big favor - don't wait forever. Before you know it, it'll be 2020. Yap, we see it coming, with perfect vision. Dogwaffle is here to get you there faster. With our own vision. Is it perfect? You decide.

We hope you'll like and enjoy Dogwaffle for years to come.

Are you new to Dogwaffle? Never heard of PD Howler or PD Artist?  Check what was new in earlier releases: v11, v10, v9.6,...
or check the history of all builds as far as we remember

Checksums: this is what you should see from your download. If you see something different, you may have downloaded something else, perhaps with a virus. Beware of fakes and imitations. If you are unsure, get it from Dan Ritchie directly at, or from us at with the ordering store on bmtmicro. Daz3D is also a safe bet.

Latest Release for the 2019 edition of PD Howler:    build 0030
Name: Howler_2019_0030.exe
Size: 109,816,107 bytes (104 MiB)
CRC32: C52EAD70
CRC64: 83C4E88AD9E39A5C
SHA256: DC97EBB98671EB60ECF74DCE5115727D7A2AD5639C31EB4AEF20578C2796A576
SHA1: DAA01FD29F75082F0203F2753B54BCD306A902FC
BLAKE2sp: 0DFCB3E0883E8813DB0BD04625026FAB303E2F96421020604D2394D6BD1AC3B2

Latest Release for the 2019 edition of PD Artist:    build 0025

Filename of the installer: Artist_2019_0025.exe
Size: 79,301,963 bytes (75 MiB)
CRC32: B5B23099
CRC64: 00A9DB7F4F75DEE3
SHA256: 9B35933137487F764885D5351EC78D485DA48D76E31F1F5775EA5C963B244E2B
SHA1: 578A399706C71F4AFC48396A47FCEBEB77CCD1ED
BLAKE2sp: B90F45BE397A59C47EA87EC686C63E304603721943FC8F20D9029B64E0354369


Please note: 
the installer is not available through this website. If you ordered from the bmtmicro store, re-use your download links that came with your order delivery email. If your links have expired, contact Philip at - if you had ordered from Dan directly, contact Dan via the order support info you got then. 

This build is not yet available on Steam or Daz.

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(11/03/2018) - And we're live!  with the early adopter's Alpha build RC0006

But don't you worry, the download also includes v11.4 final build RC159. Use that if you encounter problems with the newest, until the next update. Free download for a year.

What's new

Too many things to mention them all, so we'll mention a few. It's a short list at first, with plans for great new features as  we imagine them.

Changes in the Quicker Color Picker

The quick picker now uses a transparency gag.

Visual Preview in MRUDS list

    visual dropdown for most recently used documents

Watch this video on YouTube

Mip Map Scaling in GUI

We adjusted the scaling of the media on the sidebar, so it's mipmap scaled, but not quite as blurry as before. We think it looks better.

Watch this video on YouTube

3D Rendering OBJ files - Trees, Sharks and more
We had introduced a 3D widget in around v11.3, and further improved in 11.4. It was initially focused on rendering 3D trees from OBJ file, created with the help of TreeIt. We are gradually, slowly but surely adding more capabilities to this OBJ renderer, adding Mipmap treatment and other features that will make it a great utility in Howler and Artist. Here's an example of a rendering of a shark. This is from a free model found at Digital Life - - creating accurate 3D models for life on earth - specifically:

The shark is a Blacktip Shark, available at Sketchfab:

Please read the license info:  - If you are an artist who wants to experiment with the model, even render some creative work, you should likely find that you can do so at no cost. If you make a very successful piece of artwork that sells a lot, such as in a game or printed on mass-produced clothing, you may want to contact DigitalLife3D to ensure that you're operating within the intended framework of their license.

About the shark: The rendering in our OBJ Renderer is stillin its infancy, and has a lot of areas that can be further enhanced. Still, it helps to visualize and use 3D trees. It also can load other objects, such as the shark above. The shark was originally downloaded from DigitalLife3D's website via the sketchfab viewer's options. The model comes in as a .blend file, created in Blender, and includes a bones- based animation. It can be loaded into Blender and exported as Wavefront .obj file, which is how we got it eventually into Dogwaffle. With OBJ files, there is usually a set of two files: the geometry file (the object, i.e. the .obj file) and the materials (mtl) file, which in turn may nominate various images used for textures, if any, and bump maps, clipping masks and more..... When Howler parses a MTL file, it loads all the images that it finds references to into a 'VBPyramid' object, which generates all the mip levels automatically. We render with mipmapping, which improves quality when textures are moving from far away to up close, or if they are mapped on a large object that comes close and reaches far in a perspective view.

Here's more:  3D Pumpkin! An OBJ file that came from Michel Agullo, from Funny Wall Stickers at ETSY, also at Couleur Enfants sur (clever sneaky stickers) - you've seen the 3D stickers, have you not? Those come included with your purchase of Dogwaffle. Or have you used the Stickaboo pumpkin stickers on your iPhone or iPad?

We can load some OBJ files (not all yet) and render them, to build a custom brush, a stamp, or other assets. Stay tuned for tutorials and more samples. In some cases, an OBJ file may contain facets that are alternating between clockwise and counter-clockwise ordering of the vertices. In such cases, you may be seing only every other facet, such as the front facing ones, while the back facing ones are dropped in rendering.This can easily be fixed in Lightwave and other 3D tools, if you encounter this issue. In the future, who knows, perhaps we'll even have an option to render the backfacing ones too. We'll see. For now:


Stay tuned for a tutorial on this soon.

Let's see..... what else is new or improved?

tablet pressure dropdown

brush key dropdown

symmetry dropdown

post adjustment dropdown

Brush stroke preview

Howler now features a brush stroke preview that changes as you change brush settings. You will see the preview for the brush stroke in the side bar. There are several places where a change to the brush can be made. You might pick a totally different brush from the media collection or right there in the sidebar. You might pick a brush from right-clicking the brush tool icon. You might use spacebar for the quicker picker, which offers colors and brushes. And you might use the brush settings panel to fine-tune some options such as dryout, random position or size, etc... You might alos have stored a brush, and change some of the parameters of the stored brush. The preview will give you an idea of the impact from the changes you made to the brush.

brush stroke preview

Overhauled the Text tool

We made a few changes to improve the text tool. If you make titles, annotated illustrations, or otherwise have had a use for the text tool, this is for you.
There's now a + and - button to change font size quickly.

Ok, as mentioned, this is work in process, so be prepared for more to come.

New Digital Timer filter in Filter > Animated category
Imagine this... animated!

Fixing a crash that could occur after using the text tool, while clicking while the text box is invisible.

This build improves the experience when selecting media from the dropdown menu next to the "Browse Media" button.

(Nov 09, 2018 - we're now shipping build 2019.0010 for PD Howler)

Rendering tests - high AA in Puppy Ray GPU

Here are two renderings with very high numbers for Anti-Aliasing (AA) passes in Puppy Ray GPU rendering: Yes, we did 320 and 1600 passes

We were just testing the point at which you couldn't see noise in the water plane anymore.  Seems to be around 400 AA passes, but I usually use max 120 or so.

Full HD - High definition renderings (1920x1080).


More images for large landscapes coming soon to

  (Nov 13, 2018 - Build 0011 is shipping for both PD Howler and PD Artist )

The Brush Stamp Tool new! - Build 11 added the brush stamp tool. It can be found under the Brush menu. Your currently loaded brush image can thus be positioned neatly and previewed, transformed and adjusted before it is committed and stamped.

(December 2018) - we're shipping build 0015 for PD Howler

Build 12 

Build 13

Build 15

.....coming with next release: (not out yet)

Build 16

Build 17

Build 19
  • The effect of paper textures is now shown in the media preview.
  • Other various bug fixes.

Build 20

Well, it got cut a little short, guess we could roll out version / build 21, ....

Here's the features:

Build 23 focuses on flood fill.

Rebuilding The Flood - Fill (Library) with more stack memory.  Tested in up to 4k.
Not sure if this affects (preferably benefits) magic wand selections, or just flood fill.
Let's test some more.

Build 24

Build 25 - release it, babiiiie!

Fixed a crash in Quick Color Picker if media was different than the one selected on the sidebar

Hi to all our Howler users!

Today, we are releasing build 25 of Howler 2019.

Today's build includes a slew of bug fixes and refinements. Here's a recap:

Did you order yours through a reseller? Or found/downloaded or even paid for a too-good-to-be-true offer? Make sure it hasn't been tampered with:

Filename of the installer = Name: Howler_2019_0025.exe
Size: exactly 109,776,894 bytes (about 104 megabytes)
CRC32: E7D02AD9
CRC64: B17C37034F6DA1A6
SHA256: 10B7BE95C816AF31BD6656940B2E13AC036C6539FFEE30F705C537C4A35345F7
SHA1: 9FD61CB3B860B362BBBC32AE44FD41BB1460EE50
BLAKE2sp: 1E7225267382B5ECB2956F8C894BDACCF07E472F5747BCF07B037AE8046383DD

See at the top for latest checksums for PD Howler and Artist.

--- early March 2019 ---

Build 26 - some Madness in Early March

In this one, we think all of the buttons on the foliage tab are now working, leaving the rules library and loading/saving to complete.

Short and sweet:

When we're chatty:

There may be more.

Check this video walk-through:

--- mid March 2019 ---

Build 30 - some more Madness in mid-March

The update adds a new object- and blemish-removal system with automated colour matching for photographic images; support for Poisson blending in the Stamp tool; and OpenSimplex noise.

There are also new 2D animation features, including the option to set up simple animation paths with the line and circle tools, with a range of easing functions.

Natural media painter with a slant toward VFX, Howler 2019 is updated to build 30 with new Poisson blending tools.

The Howler 2019 build 30 is now available to registered users. This build includes tools that dramatically improve compositing with gradient domain Poisson blending. Also the animation capability is updated through animating with drawing tools such as line and circle paths, and easing in/out functions.

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Learn more with this video intro:

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