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Troubleshooting Guide

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Unexpected Error, Quitting

unexpected error, quittingThis is a common error under Windows 7 or Vista if you have UAC (User Account Control) enabled and are not running as Administrator.

Essentially, Project Dogwaffle is trying to access a Temp subfolder within the Dogwaffle installation folder. However, UAC (User Account Control) or other permission restrictions may prevent Dogwaffle from writing cached files into that folder.

In most cases, you can simply work around this by running the program as Administrator: right-click the launch icon each time and select Run As Administrator....

Sometimes, this is caused by an antivirus with total protection. Or an older/prior version of Dogwaffle keeping registry items pointing at folders that no longer exist. There's a fix for that too. Look for it in the F.A.Q.

Automating the fix:

If you don't want to do this each time you run Dogwaffle, you can also set that permission as a property in the file:  Right-click the launch icon on your desktop (or find it in the Start> Programs>... menu and instead of clicking the menu item, right-click it), and select Properties

Select the Compatibility tab and check the option to run as administrator.

Click OK to save the changes.

Running the program in Administrator mode should allow it to bypass the UAC restrictions. If the error still remains, something else is happening. Perhaps the program settings (from Dogwaffle's Window>Settings... menu) is pointing the Temp folder to a wrong place such as a drive that's not mounted. Fix it there.

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